Tribit Flybuds Review: The Best True Wireless Earbuds for Workouts?

If you’re looking for true wireless ear buds that are made for workouts and getting ripped in the gym, then my Tribit Flybuds review is the perfect place to start.

What about if you’re on a budget? No problem – I spent all my money on new running shoes which nearly bankrupted me too. Meet the Tribit Flybuds, your new best buddy for workouts…

Tribit Flybuds Review: The Best True Wireless Earbuds for Workouts?

I’ll be honest – when it comes to working out with true wireless ear buds, I always get a little nervous. Why? Well, if you don’t have a nice secure fit, you can easily risk losing one, especially since you could be running, rowing or… another exercise beginning with r…

But I am willing to put my concerns aside in an attempt to block out the sound of my own lack of breath and that’s where the Tribit Flybuds come in.

Tribit Flybuds Review: First impressions

Once I got my hands on that soft, leathery-feel case, the Flybuds immediately felt and looked like they were built for fitness. The almost seamless rubberised finish on each earbud makes them IPX5 sweat-proof, waterproof AND importantly, make them so much easier to clean after workouts too.

They’re a little on the chunky side compared to some of the budget options I’ve tested recently, but on the plus side, that’s purely to accommodate a more than impressive battery life – and the same goes for the case too as you’ll see in just a mo. But despite that, the case is still pocket-friendly and of course, you’ve also got a USB-C port which is another tick for speedy recharging and will future-proof your case unlike with most budget true wireless earbuds.

Tribit Flybuds Review: Test-run

So as I’ve already mentioned, the battery life is pretty damn impressive. The ear buds alone offer up to 6 hours of playback without the need to recharge and the 720mAH case also provides 30+ hours in total. In my testing, I got around 5 hours of playback with the volume at 70 percent which is still well above the industry average at this price point.

The touch controls are among some of the best I’ve ever tried, purely because they’re so incredibly responsive and you have a little more surface area to aim for on each ear bud. Honestly, even the lightest of touches is enough to register as a button press, which really imPRESSed me… get it? Nevermind…

But what about that all important secure fit? Well, I’m pleased to report that these fit like an absolute dream – I was worried that with their slightly larger profile, excessive movement would see them slowly wiggle themselves loose, but after many test runs, I was actually really impressed. I did have to size-down the ear tips I’d normally use to get a perfect fit, but fortunately Tribit supply three sizes for you to choose from.

So when it came to sound quality, it obviously wouldn’t take much to beat my old AirPods that I used to use when working out, but compared to some of the other budget true wireless ear buds I’ve reviewed recently, the Flybuds have some stiff competition. 

Tribit Flybuds Review: Sound Quality

The Flybuds offer an incredibly balanced yet modest sound palette, so if you’re searching for heavy bass, you might want to check out my true wireless ear buds playlist for other options. However, unlike most budget buds that deliver on bass but lack in other areas, the mids on the Flybuds offer great definition of sound, resulting in vocals that are exceptionally clear.

The high notes provide that little extra sparkle that I expect from true wireless earbuds that are at least twice the price. So whilst the Flybuds didn’t blast my running playlist into orbit with explosions of bass, I did find myself more focussed on the more delicate aspects that I would otherwise often miss.

With Bluetooth 5.0, the pairing process is extremely fast and with the support of AAC and SBC codecs, the audio-visual lag when watching YouTube, Netflix or gaming is non-existent too. I find that especially handy when I’m watching YouTube while trying to catch my breath after 2 minutes of running.

Tribit Flybuds Review: To buy, or not to buy?

All in all, the Tribit Flybuds are a strong player when it comes to fitness and workouts – they’re one of the few true wireless ear buds that actually feel built for purpose. If I’m brutally honest, I’d happily sacrifice a little of that 6 hour battery life for a slightly slimmer in ear profile, but I’m really nitpicking now! But if like me, you’re looking to get back into the fitness game, make sure you’ve got three things – decent running shoes, a decent fitness tracker and the Tribit flybuds.

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